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NYC Cancer Resources

New York City Cancer Centers

Columbia University Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Mount Sinai Dubin Breast Cancer Center

NYU Cancer Institute Perlmutter Cancer Center

Albert Einstein Cancer Center

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

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New York State Community based organizations please contact us to add your organizations free services or activities to our Cancer Resource Listing or Community Resource Page Today!

                               CLINICAL TRIALS AND RESEARCH RESOURCES

Diversity & Inclusion in Scientific Research Underpinning Prevention & Therapy Trials

DISRUPT is a project that tries to address the lack of diversity in cancer clinical trials. DISRUPT is working to improve representation of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, People of Color, people with health conditions and impairments, and LGBTQ+ persons in clinical trials by “disrupting” norms at the community, patient and provider, and research pipeline levels. DISRUPT was selected by Stand Up To Cancer (Su2C) as part of its Health Equity Initiative. The DISRUPT project is about increasing awareness of and access to information about cancer clinical trials among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, Community Partners play a critical role in this project. There are so many ways that you can participate in a study to help save lives. You can fill out a questionnaire, taking part in focus group discussion (sharing your thoughts), having your blood drawn, involvement with the testing of vaccines, medications or medical devices .To learn more about clinical trials and research studies visit


Find Spiritual Support, friendship and Prayer    

S4LCC Women's Cancer Support and Physically Challenged Prayer Group


Meet like minded women and build                                   a lasting relationship. Enjoy                                                     Health & Wellness workshops,                                                  

activities, prayer and praise every

Saturday from 1:30-2:30pm on Zoom.

All are welcome! We also have a

Men's Prayer Group.

Sign up today for more 

Meeting together Since 2013




The NYS Cancer Consortium


The mission of the Consortium is to reduce the human and economic burden of cancer in NYS.

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Manhattan Cancer Screening

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(Manhattan, NY)


Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center (Manhattan)

The Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center (HICCC) is the home for cancer research and patient care at Columbia University and NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Our cancer center researchers and physicians are dedicated to understanding the complex biology behind cancer, from before it begins to its evolution and spread. We apply that knowledge to the discovery and design of innovative cancer therapies and prevention strategies that reduce the disease’s incidence and progression and improve the quality of life for all those affected—in our region and throughout the world.

The Integrative Therapies Program provides personalized integrative medicine and supportive care through the patient’s course of treatment, from diagnosis through survivorship. Our licensed acupuncturists offer acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, and mind-body practices to adult oncology patients. All treatments are provided in collaboration with the patient's medical team, and are free of charge.

We offer:

CancerFIT is a free weekly exercise class for cancer patients and survivors that is based on current and emerging research linking exercise to better outcomes in cancer care. The 45-minute classes are open to all who have been diagnosed with cancer regardless of treatment status, and are appropriate for all fitness levels. Each class is specifically tailored towards participants’ fitness levels and needs. Physical therapists oversee the classes, which are led by doctoral students in Columbia University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

The Cancer Genetics Program provides expert care for patients with a recent cancer diagnosis or a personal history of cancer, as well as for individuals who have a family history of cancer. Genetic testing can help identify hereditary causes of cancer. Results can be used to inform treatment decisions and options for early detection and cancer prevention for those at a heightened risk of cancer.

Other Supportive Care Services: 

  • Chaplaincy

  • Fertility Preservation

  • Imerman Angels (Cancer Mentor)

  • Tobacco Treatment Services

  • Yoga & Meditation Therapy


CUIMC/Herbert Irving Pavilion (more locations listed on website)

161 Fort Washington Avenue

New York, NY 10032

Telephone: 212-305-5098




Mercy Medical Angels

Mercy Medical Angels removes the barrier to medical care with transportation on the ground and in the air. Provided more than 250,000 trips for patients who couldn’t afford to travel to long-distance healthcare.  The dedicated team at Mercy Medical Angels is ready to help you and your caregiver with transportation to life changing, life-saving medical care. Request Assistance for transportation on the ground with gas cards, Uber, bus or train tickets  or in the air with flights flown by volunteer pilots or the commercial airlines.

Angel Wings for Veterans

Medical Transportation Service to Clinical Care:

Angel Wings for Veterans provides transportation to vital medical care for active military, veterans and their families through the following services:

  • Commercial Airline Tickets                                                                             Angel Wings for Veterans coordinates charitable flights on commercial airlines for patients and escorts needing to travel more than 750 miles to access medical or rehabilitative care. 

  • Volunteer Pilot Flights                                                                                 Volunteer pilots are available to veterans and caregivers needing transportation for treatment. Patients must be ambulatory, which means they must be able to walk, enter and exit the plane with little or no assistance, and require no medical care (i.e., doctor or nurse) en route. There must be a financial or compelling need for the flight. Volunteer pilots can assist only when the destination is within 750 miles.

  • Long Distance Ground Transportation                                                            Non-local trips for veterans who are unable to fly or who need to travel more than 50 miles to access care. We provide gas cards and commercial train and bus tickets. The typical trip does not exceed 300 miles.


If you need assistance with transportation to clinical care, click on the button below to apply for assistance. We'll get back to you right away.


Colorectal Cancer Alliance  

The Alliance focuses on three pillars- Screen, Care, Cure. I have included the corresponding links to our site.


Mesothelioma Hope
Mesothelioma Hope was founded by a group of medical and legal advocates whose goal was to provide a comprehensive database for people diagnosed with mesothelioma. Some of the Mesothelioma Hope services are:

  • Mesothelioma Treatment Options- There are several treatment options available for malignant mesothelioma. These options include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

  • Prognosis for Mesothelioma - Patients and families are walked through the prognosis process, which is the predicted outcome of the patient’s condition that describes life expectancy and survival rate. We work with patients in various ways to improve their prognosis.

  • Mesothelioma Attorneys - Financial compensation services that can help pay for cancer treatments, secure your family’s financial future, and hold asbestos companies responsible for their negligence.

  • Mesothelioma Support Groups - Support groups can help you manage your emotional well-being as you battle cancer. These groups are a safe place to go to share your feelings, wins, and challenges with people who truly understand and care about your health.

Other Resources:
Only service Military Svc/Veteran Women MWIP

Sandy Rolon, US Army (Ret)
Military Women In Power, Ltd (TID TF3022948)
New business # (347) 701-0720
Sep 5-Jun 26: Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm
Jul-Aug: Per Emails/Calls received

Organization was formed to provide aid to Female Soldiers/Veterans.  One Woman Veteran Task Force helping Female Soldiers/Veterans and their family who are desolate and despondent.  100% volunteer program with no vested interest in any of the applicants. Troubleshoot your needs then provide immediate and emergency assistance. Advocate on your behalf, provide immediate resources through referrals and/or physically representing them and their families with/to training programs, housing appointments, employment agents, completing VA claims applications, counseling MST (Military Sexual Trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Anger Management, Suicide Prevention, Parenting and Marriage counseling.  Foster support and nourish self sufficiency for single mothers in the military for a healthy Family Care plan if deployed.  I'm an Out of Personal Pocket Advocate who doesn't receive any government aid, to maintain my integrity intact. NO Membership fee but there's a MWIP commitment to this group and that's to "Pay it Forward" by providing the same humanitarian service you received to another female Warrior in need.  Our ability is stronger than our disability…


Triage Cancer

-Free in-person and online educational events and resources on issues related to work, insurance, disability benefits, finances, estate planning, medical decision-making, and more.

- Free one-on-one help for individuals diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers to assist individuals understand their options and possible next steps through the Legal & Financial Navigation program

Orphan Pharmacy Services

(Free delivery service in NYS)

assistance with coupons and help get you lower price on you Cancer medications. A pharmacy that want to help you get the medications you need at a reasonable price. 

Nayyar Imam R.Ph

Supervising Pharmacist

125 Michael Drive, Suite 106

Syosset, New York 11791

Telephone: (631)753-9950


Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center

2180 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10035


Fifth Season Financial

Financial assistance for individuals living with advanced stage illnesses

Telephone: (866) 459-1271


Neighborhood Association for Inter-Cultural Affairs, Inc. (NAICA)

Epifania Adames, MBA

Community Outreach Coordinator

3339 Park Ave, Bronx, New York 10456 


The Enemy In The Inner Me

Elder Theresa Hart, Author/Breast Cancer Survivor



Montefiore Einstein Center For Cancer Care

Bronx Oncology Living Daily (BOLD) Cancer Wellness Program

All BOLD services offered are free and serve the entire Bronx community, regardless of where healthcare is received:

  • BOLD Wellness Workshops: A variety of educational and activity workshops (such as creative arts, nutrition, physical fitness, and many more) offered on a weekly or monthly basis 

  • BOLD Buddies: A peer navigation program providing support and companionship from English- and Spanish-speaking cancer survivors

  • BOLD Brothers/Sisters: A mentoring, tutoring, and fun activity program for teens and young adults who have or had a parent, grandparent, or other caregiver with cancer

  • Psychosocial Oncology Services: Individual counseling and support groups in English and Spanish







Contact Information:

General Program:

Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care

1300 Morris Park Avenue

Bronx, NY 10461


Office Phone (718) 430-2380

Mount Sinai Hospital

Woman To Woman Support Programs (Gynecologic Cancers)

Woman to Woman gynecologic cancer support group.

Meets every Thursday from 11 a.m.-12 p.m.

Meet other women who have been diagnosed with this life changing disease and have the opportunity to share your story. The goal of our group is to decrease isolation, share resources, feel empowered and learn ways to cope with the ups and downs this diagnosis brings. We will be joined by guest speakers who are specialists in their fields.

Contact: Rachel Justus, LCSW

Manager - Woman to Woman Program

The Mount Sinai Hospital

One Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1252

New York, NY 10029

O 212-241-3793/C 347-213-7294/F 212-241-5585

(in the hospital Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays)


Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition  

(For Town of Babylon on Long Island residents ONLY!)



Telephone: 631-893-4110    


Loretta's Online Cancer Support Group

Teal Women Move Mountains

Cervical, Ovarian, Vulvar and all other Gynecological Cancers




Caring Bridge 


  • CaringBridge helps patients and their family caregivers going through health-related challenges, such as cancer, stay connected with loved ones by providing a free online tool for sharing updates.

  • It’s an easy and ad-free way to communicate news to family and friends—all in one place at the same time without overwhelming the patient and family with endless phone calls, emails and text messages.

  • Families can start a free, personal website to share important information quickly.

  • CaringBridge, which is a nonprofit, does not sell data and the patient/family control over the privacy settings, so a website is as private or public as they want it to be. 

Lymphoma Research Foundation

The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) offers a wide range of support services, educational programs, and free publications for people with lymphoma and their loved ones.  Whether you are newly diagnosed, are requesting detailed information about lymphoma, are looking for ongoing support, or seeking help with long-term survivorship, LRF is here to help.

  • LRF Helpline: Trained LRF staff members are available to answer questions about a lymphoma diagnosis and treatment.  Callers may request the service of a language interpreter. Please contact the LRF Helpline by phone (800-500-9976) or email (, between 9:30 AM and 7:30 PM ET, Monday through Friday.

  • Education Resources: LRF provides in-person and virtual education programs, as well as disease-specific and topic-specific fact sheets and guides to stay up-to-date on the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma.

  • Clinical Trials Information and Search: LRF’s Clinical Trials Information Service provides patients and caregivers with information about lymphoma treatment clinical trials being conducted at cancer centers throughout the United States.  Upon request, LRF can perform a search for potential lymphoma clinical trials based on medical information provided.

  • Peer Support: LRF’s Lymphoma Support Network (LSN) is a one-to-one peer support program for people with lymphoma and their caregivers.  The LSN connects patients and caregivers with volunteers who have had similar experiences. 

Red Door Community

No one should face cancer alone

Support groups for adults, teens, children, families, and friends, healthy lifestyle workshops, educational lectures, and social events


(Bronx, NY)

(Lindenhurst, NY)

Community scientst flyer.jpg

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