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Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others.

     S4LCC Cancer ReSource Stations provides Free Cancer Patient Navigation Services, Support & Resources. Partnering with Cancer Centers, Community and Faith based organizations to stand united in the fight against Cancer. Together We Make The Difference!



Together We Can SAVE Lives
          One Community At A Time!

S.A.V.E.D For Life Cancer Corporation



S.A.V.E.D 4 Life Cancer Corp. is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 charitable organization helping Cancer patients, survivors and their families to have access to free Cancer patient resource navigation services,  Clinical Trial resources, Cancer screenings and Cancer health information. We created this Online Cancer ReSource Station to provide assistance with everyday needs of those going through Cancer. We welcome community organizations that provide services for Cancer patients, survivors and their families living in the New York State. We Believe That Communities Working Together Can Stand United In The Fight Against Cancer!


S.A.V.E.D 4 Life Cancer Corporation and Mrs. Allen's Patty Cake has opened the 1st Cancer Resource Station in the Nation S4LCC Cancer ReSource Stations (located in the Bronx & Harlem New York). Owned and operated by Minority Women who are Cancer survivors. Travis Thomas, Oncology Patient Navigator/ Research Citizen Scientist (3x Cervical Cancer survivor while pregnant twice) and Karen Allen, Retired Military Veteran, Fashion/ Research Citizen Scientist (2x Breast Cancer survivor) both having children who have gone through cancer joined forces to create the S4LCC Cancer ReSource Stations.Specializing in Cancer Patient Resource Navigation services for Adults, teens, young adults and children living with Cancer. Through our partnerships, networking and collaborations with community based organizations, healthcare facilities, Faith based organizations and Cancer Centers we are able to provide free Oncology Patient Navigation services from outreach to free Cancer screenings to resources throughout survivorship. Each location provides Cancer & Health workshops, support groups, access to clinical trials, Housing Specialist (eviction issues and rental applications), Social Services, Assisted living and permanent housing, educational learning activities (for children with Cancer or living in shelters), parenting classes, online career training for youth ages 16 and up (living with Cancer) along with employment, Internships and volunteer opportunities. We are looking forward to expanding our services by creating a Cancer Resource Station in all five boroughs of New York City. We are able to serve those in need in person, virtually and over the phone. Working together we can make a difference SAVING Lives one community at a time. Thank you to all those who support our mission. Our main office for S4LCC Bronx Cancer ReSource Station is in partnership with Step Up For Living at 424 East 147th Street, Bronx, NY 10455. Our S4LCC Harlem Cancer ReSource Station in partnership with Street Corner Resources located at 155 West 145th Street, New York, NY 10039. Our Long Island Cancer ReSource Station open in partnership with Elder Theresa Hart with New Life Christian Center Ministries located at 167 Fulton Ave Hempstead, New York 1155. Contact us to schedule appointments call 914 200-4505 or email

Enjoy our free online Cancer programs (coming soon streaming live),  Cancer Life Coaching, Educational Cancer information, free Cancer Patient Navigation services, Cancer resources, Free Cancer Patient Resource Navigation Workshop Series (a training for Faith based organizations), Cancer news and updates.  We invite Healthcare organizations to share their services, Cancer screenings and health events. 

Learn more about S4LCC Cancer ReSource Station


Join our "Women's Cancer Initiative: Navigating through Breast & Gynecological Cancers" Saving Lives One Community at a Time!

  Navigating communities to Cancer screening (Breast and Cervical Screening), free Oncology Patient & Survivors navigation services, Clinical Trial information and Cancer resources in their community. Educating youth ages 12 and up through Cancer education, awareness and early detections. Thanks to our Community Partners, Cancer Centers, Houses of Worship, Mobile Screening & Health Buses and our S4LCC Cancer Patient ReSource Navigation Network. Together we make the difference!


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HPV/ Cervical Cancer information or Cancer Patient ReSource Navigation call 914 200-4505


S.A.V.E.D 4 Life Cancer Corporation (S4LCC)
Making The Difference One Community At A Time!

NCCC Cervical Cancer Awareness Month-
"My New Normal After Cervical Cancer" 


"My New Normal After Cancer" Hosted by Travis Thomas NCCC New York Chapter Leader with Guest Angela Reese The Survivor Diva with A Cancer in her hand NCCC Philadelphia Chapter Leader. Discuss what is normal after Cancer and do we fight to go back to what we use to be or can we move through our new normal? The choice is yours! Live, Laugh and Love Life to the fullest with God's Grace. Visit our S4LCC Cancer ReSource Station at for more resources, events and information. Visit our NCCC On The Radio at to listen to more great discussions.

Visit the National Cervical Cancer Coalition for Cervical Cancer information, support and resources. Donate online at

Join us for our NCCC JANUARY
Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

When you are diagnosed with Cancer Ask For A Oncology Patient Navigator!

What is a Oncology Patient Navigator?

Trained individuals will assist with navigation through Cancer resources for newly diagnosed Cancer patients, survivors, their families and/or caregivers. We help you break down the barriers to Cancer care so the patient can focus on their health and wellness. Barriers may include: financial, lack of insurance, understanding the medical system, fear, distrust, language and health literacy. We can help you learn to advocate for yourself and/or for the patient.


The Oncology Patient Navigator Provides the following services:

  • Resources and cancer information

  • Collaborate with hospital patient navigators for Cancer services/treatments

  • Educate patients on healthcare literacy

  • Provide compassionate support to patients and their families

  • Assist with finding scholarships for Cancer patients and/or their children

  • Provide information on Cancer support groups and Spiritual support groups in their area

  • Assist with referrals for second opinions

Free Cancer Patient Resource Navigation Workshop Series for Ministries and Faith Based organizations!  Sign Up Today!

Sign up for a Free Cancer Patient Resource Navigation Workshop Series for Faith Based organizations and learn how to provide Cancer patient resource navigation services for your ministry/community. We provide a virtual workshop training (2 hours) for groups or one-to-one. This training will give you access to more resources, allow you to participate in the Cancer ministry network and obtain referrals from community organizations in your area.

JOIN US if you provide services for Cancer patients and their families or you interested in starting a Cancer ministry.

Join Women's Cancer Support and Physically Challenged Prayer Group 

S.A.V.E.D 4 Life Cancer Talk Radio sharing Survivor Stories 

Charmaine Falcone, Breast Cancer Survivor

Caterer and Healthy eating with herbs Instructor

Travis Thomas, 3x Cervical Cancer Survivor while pregnant 

Founder/ Cancer Life Coach for S.A.V.E.D 4 Life Cancer Corp.

Amanda Fitzpatrick, Uterine and Cervical Cancer

Living with Cancer as a young adult

 Cervical and Breast Cancer Awareness month Events and more


  Cancer Support Programs

Click Here To register for FREE Online Cancer Program and activities


Enjoy Yoga, Dancercise, Meditation, Cooking with Herbs, Cancer Life Coaching, Cancer Patient Navigation, Cancer discussions, Survivor stories and more...

(Virtually or in person)

Hire Travis The Cancer Life Coach LLC

"Navigating Researchers Throughout Communities!"

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What is Cancer Life Coaching?

Don't Let Cancer continue to steal your dreams!  Cancer has taken too much already! The Cancer Life Coach is here to assist you through your personal challenges and help you obtain your goals through your Cancer Journey.


Cancer Life Coaching offers Cancer patients and survivors guidance, empowerment, resources and improvement for a better quality of life. Visit for more information.

Making a difference in your Community today because tomorrow may be too late!
             Working Together To SAVE Lives One Community At A Time. 

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